hum130 wk9 final

hum130 wk9 final

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World religion report

Melissa hulsey

Axia college of University of Phoenix

I recently had the opportunity to learn about a religion I knew little about, hinduism. I also had the opportunity to interview a friend who practices hinduism and attend her place of worship. My visit was a wonderful experience that I would encourage anyone to take advantage of if given the opportunity. Even though some may think that learning about other religions decreases the faith they have in their god, everyone should consider learning about other religions because it increases compassion and understanding and encourages tolerance of everyone's religious beliefs. Hinduism is the oldest and third largest organized religion in the world. (bbc, 2008). Hinduism originated in pakistan and is the most common...

hum130 wk9

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hum130 wk9 final

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Excerpt from file: WorldReligions1 WorldReligionReport MelissaHulsey AxiaCollegeofUniversityofPhoenix WorldReligions2 IrecentlyhadtheopportunitytolearnaboutareligionIknewlittleabout,Hinduism.I alsohadtheopportunitytointerviewafriendwhopracticesHinduismandattendherplaceof

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