PSY 320 Week 4 Discussion Question 4 of 5

PSY 320 Week 4 Discussion Question 4 of 5

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PSY 320 Week 4 Discussion Question 4 of 5

In your own words, define the term "group", then discuss three / 3 of the five / 5 concepts long associated with groups:

  1. Social facilitation (pages 267 through 271).

Topics: a. mere presence of others; b. crowding; c. arousal in presence of others

  1. Social loafing (pages 271 through 276).

Topics: a. many hands?;b. social loafing in everyday life.

  1. Deindividuation (pages 276 through 280).

Topics: a. doing together?; b. diminished self-awareness.

  1. Group polarization (pages 280 through 288).

Topics: a. "risky shift"; b. intensifying opinions; c. explaining?.

  1. Groupthink (pages 289 through 295).

Topics: a. symptoms; b. critiquing; c. group problem-solving.

PSY 320

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PSY 320 Week 4 Discussion Question 4 of 5

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Excerpt from file: PSY320Week4DiscussionQuestion4of5 Inyourownwords,definethetermgroup,thendiscussthree/3ofthefive/5conceptslong associatedwithgroups: 1.Socialfacilitation(pages267through271). Topics:a.merepresenceofothers;b.crowding;c.arousalinpresenceofothers 2.Socialloafing(pages271through276).

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