CIS 510 Assignment 1

CIS 510 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1

Prof. Dr. Yun-Sheng Wang

CIS 510 - Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

    1. 2014

Strayer University


This paper checks the errors in an activity diagram that describes the order fulfillment process for the current RMO CSMS. Then, this paper explains why checking for such errors is important. Moreover, this paper discusses other possible errors. Finally, this paper shows the updating diagram.

The Ridgeline Mountain Outfitters (RMO) is a large retail company that specializes in clothing and related accessories for all types of outdoor and sporting activities. The new Consolidated Sales and Marketing System (CSMS) is a system development project used throughout the text for examples and explanations. (Satzinger, J.W., Jackson, R., & Burd, S.D., 2012, p. xi).

Figure 1 is an activity diagram that describes the order fulfillment process for the current RMO CSMS. Processing begins when the customer has completed the order checkout process. The diagram describes the back-and-forth flow of information and control between the Order subsystem, Inventory subsystem, Warehouse, and Shipper. However, the diagram had many error-handling pathways.

The diagram (Figure 1) used synchronization bars three times. However, the method of using synchronization bars is not correct. According to the book, System Analysis and Design in changing world 6th ed, a synchronization bar splits the path into multiple concurrent paths or recombines concurrent paths. The synchronization bars in the Figure 1 have to request correction because they do not have concurrent path.

CIS 510

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CIS 510   Assignment 1

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:ERRORHANDLINGINANACTIVITYDIAGRAM Assignment1 Prof.Dr.YunShengWang CIS510AdvancedSystemsAnalysisandDesign 10.22.2014 StrayerUniversity 1 ERRORHANDLINGINANACTIVITYDIAGRAM 2 Abstract Thispapercheckstheerrorsinanactivitydiagramthatdescribestheorderfulfillment

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