NCM 512 Module 3 Case

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NCM 512 Module 3 Case

Module 3 - Case

Bargaining II - At The Table

Gender in Job Negotiations

Women have had to fight for their rights for a long time. For example, the right of women to vote was granted in the USA only in 1920!

But there are still many fields where acceptance and equality in compensation are still to be desired.

One such field is the workplace, and the following two articles shed a light on the issue of gender within this setting.

Bowles, H. R., & McGinn, K. L. (2008). Gender in Job Negotiations: A Two-Level Game. Negotiation Journal. New York:Oct 2008. Vol. 24, Iss. 4, p. 393-410 (18 pp.) Note: focus only on the employer section.

van Wanrooy, B. (2009). Women at Work in Australia: Bargaining a Better Position? Australian Bulletin of Labour. Adelaide:2009. Vol. 35, Iss. 4, p. 611-628 (18 pp.)

The Case Assignment

Company ABC is a manufacturing company in the automotive industry, with a production plant of 20,000 employees, a sales department of 5,000, and an administrative work force of 1,000.

The male workforce in each department is about 75%, 60%, and 40% respectively.

On average, women's compensation is 25% lower than that of the men in all departments.

YOU have been chosen to represent the women before management in the contract negotiations.

After carefully reading through the articles, and the above information, please answer (in at least four full text pages), the following questions:

1."Inside information": Management is strongly against "across the board" changes, but is willing to hear your differentiated proposals per department.

2.How would you prepare (in addition to reading the above articles) for said meeting?

3.What negotiating approach would you choose to adopt? Explain.

4.What would be your interests and possible positions?

5.What would be your initial proposal to mangement broken down by department?

6.Should your initial proposal be rejected by management, what will you bring to the next round of negotiation discussions "at the table"?

7.Tip - a general strike is NOT an option.

Assignment Expectations

1.Remember, the future welfare of the workers is in your hands - prepare well!

2.Be definitive and practical! No general statements and/or grand stand statements.

3.Make your point and then explain your reasoning for it.

4.Assume (but point it out) what ever is missing in this setting.

NCM 512

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NCM 512 Module 3 Case

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