NUR 443 Literature Search Worksheet

NUR 443 Literature Search Worksheet

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NUR 443 Literature Search Worksheet

Select a literature search topic relevant to your practice. The topic must be sufficiently delineated in scope without being trivial. You will revisit this article in the Week Five presentation. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

Non-pharmacological pain relief with childbirth

Effects of shift work and fatigue on medication errors

Best practices for pin site care

Nurse satisfaction in magnet hospitals

Accurate temperature assessment methods in neonates

Pain assessment in the cognitively impaired

Childhood type II diabetes and obesity

Complementary and alternative therapies for control of menopausal symptoms

Best practices in nurse-led smoking cessation classes

Thermoregulation in the operating room

Best practices for pain assessment and management in specified area of practice

Complete the table below:

Which topic did you choose?

Which three databases will you use?

Answer the following questions using your selected research article:

  1. Is this qualitative or quantitative? What is the study design? What criteria did you use to determine the study design?

  2. How did you confirm that the journal you selected was peer-reviewed or germinal?

  3. Does this research article generate support for evidence-based practice? If not, state why it does not. Please review the critical appraisal guideline on pg. 466-480.

NUR 443

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NUR 443 Literature Search Worksheet

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