MKT 421 Final Exam 9

MKT 421 Final Exam 9

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MKT/421 Final Exam



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1)For Tesla, a new firm that makes an electric sports car, estimating how many competitors will make electric vehicles and what kinds they will make, is:

example of the micro-macro dilemma.

of the universal functions of innovation.

C.A part of marketing.

D.A production activity.

2)Predicting what types of bicycles different customers will want and deciding which of these customers the business will try to satisfy are activities a firm should do as part of



goods or performing services.

D.A command economy.

3)Which of the following statements best describes the modern view of marketing?

is concerned...

MKT 421

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MKT 421 Final Exam 9

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Excerpt from file: MKT/421FinalExam Progress: (0/57) Page01 Page02 Page03 Page04 Page05 Confirm 1)ForTesla,anewfirmthatmakesanelectricsportscar,estimatinghowmany competitorswillmakeelectricvehiclesandwhatkindstheywillmake,is: A. B. Anexampleofthemicromacrodilemma. Oneoftheuniversalfunctionsofinnovation. C.

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