BCOM275 Week 5 DQ 1 ViewCounterview Challenging Cultural Diversity

BCOM275 Week 5 DQ 1 ViewCounterview Challenging Cultural Diversity

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Week 5, DQ1: View/Counterview--Challenging Cultural Diversity

Consider the following: Some Pacific islander tribes expect the elderly or infirm to leave the group and go off on their own to die. Provide your view of this practice by providing arguments that consider cultural diversity. Respond with opposing views to posts by at least two other students.


There are my societies that emerged around the world that are noticeably different than others, many of theses differences continue today. There is nothing in the Pacific Islanders practice that see wrong. Every culture is different and that particular culture people who are sick or dying may bring down their productivity. Having cultural diversity means having different cultures respecting other's differences. When...

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BCOM275 Week 5 DQ 1   ViewCounterview  Challenging Cultural Diversity

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Excerpt from file: Week 5, DQ1: View/CounterviewChallenging Cultural Diversity Considerthefollowing:SomePacificislandertribesexpectthe elderlyorinfirmtoleavethegroupandgooffontheirowntodie. Provideyourviewofthispracticebyprovidingargumentsthat considerculturaldiversity.Respondwithopposingviewstopostsby

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