Week 2 Protocols Team D

Week 2 Protocols Team D

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Network Protocols at Huffman Trucking Company

  1. Identify Protocols



   2.  Rationale for the Adoption of Existing Protocols

Applications and systems being used

Ideal protocols

   3.  Advantages of Protocols



Supports all modern operating systems

Traffic controllers for large private networks

Connects dissimilar systems

Robust, scaleable, cross-platform client/server framework

Fast, Highly Established

Works with TCP/IP

Enables file & printer sharing on Window operating systems

Good for small to medium metworks

  1. Disadvantages of Protocols



Undesirable sharing

Illegal or Undesirable Behavior

Data Security Concerns


Not designed for enterprise environment, no standardization...

Week 2

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Week 2    Protocols    Team D

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Excerpt from file: NetworkProtocolsatHuffmanTruckingCompany 1. IdentifyProtocols TCP/IP IPX/SPX 2.RationalefortheAdoptionofExistingProtocols Applicationsandsystemsbeingused Idealprotocols 3.AdvantagesofProtocols TCP/IP Routable Supportsallmodernoperatingsystems Trafficcontrollersforlargeprivate

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