ACC305 Wk 1 Assignments E3 18, E3 20, JCase 3 5

ACC305 Wk 1 Assignments E3 18, E3 20, JCase 3 5

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E3-18 (Page 152)

The current asset section of the Excalibur Tire Company's balance sheet consists of cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable, and inventories. The December 31, 2011, balance sheet revealed the following:


Determine the following 2011 balance sheet items:

  1. Current assets

  2. Shareholders' equity

  3. Noncurrent assets

  4. Long-term liabilities

Exercise 3-18

1.Acid-test ratio Quick assets Current liabilities

Quick assets Current assets - Inventories

Quick assets Current assets - 840,000

Current assets Current liabilities

Current assets - 840,000 Current liabilities

840,000 Current liabilities

Current liabilities 800,000

Current assets 800,000

Current assets 1,800,000

2.Debt to...

ACC305 Wk

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ACC305  Wk 1 Assignments   E3 18, E3 20, JCase 3 5

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