NTC 362 Week 5 Individual Assignment INDP Final Project

NTC 362 Week 5 Individual Assignment INDP Final Project

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Kudler Fine Foods Network: Final

University of Phoenix


Kudler Fine Foods is taking the next step to upgrade the existing infrastructure with new wireless technology which will provide a better communication link for not only the all of the stores, but for all of the employees as well. With new systems and servers the ability to maximize the company's profits will increase overnight. The new inventory system will allow the stores POS systems to alert the warehouses to ship more products when they are running low automatically. This will eliminate the need of wasted man hours checking the stock.

The communication throughout all the stores is also being upgraded with VoWLAN, which will give the employee the flexibility of taking calls while providing the...

NTC 362

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NTC 362 Week 5 Individual Assignment  INDP Final Project

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Excerpt from file: KudlerFineFoodsNetwork:Final UniversityofPhoenix Introduction KudlerFineFoodsistakingthenextsteptoupgradetheexistinginfrastructurewithnew wirelesstechnologywhichwillprovideabettercommunicationlinkfornotonlytheallofthe stores,butforalloftheemployeesaswell.Withnewsystemsandserverstheabilityto...

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