Merced" by Danielle Ofri and the "Case History" by Dannie Abse [1186 Words]

Merced" by Danielle Ofri and the "Case History" by Dannie Abse [1186 Words]

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Class- assignment and case, analyze the essay between "Merced" by Danielle Ofri and the case history by Dannie Abse. Please answer questions by question according to the following below:

Task 1.

(Focus on the task; Close textual analysis is the key)

  1. Theme: Choose two works which are "MERCED" by Danielle Ofri and the "Case history" by Dannie Abse for extended analysis. Write down what moves you about each piece. What do you think the key themes are in each text? What do you think each author is saying?

  2. Structure: What methods does each author use to achieve his or her ends? Are there any symbols or special images used to help convey the complexity of the meaning? (Continue with the same two texts that you used in question 1)

  3. What are the most impressive lines in each text? Why have you singled these lines out as being particularly important?

  4. Consider Jack Coulehan's poem, "I'm Gonna Slap Those Doctors" ( in additional materials) -- Which Ofri says she read aloud to a patient at Bellevue. What is the patient's perspective of the doctors in this poem? Why do you think Ofri chose to read this poem to her patient?

  5. What are the uses of poetry and storytelling in patient care?

  6. What does Ofri learn about herself in "Merced" ( as a physician, as a writer as a sentient human being)?

Task 2. From the two texts between "Merced" by Danielle Ofri and the "Case history" by Dannie Abse. We will working on compare works, nothing similar themes and differing or similar authorial perspectives. For the first question: Choose point of comparison among the works and focus on a prevailing theme.

For the second question: Refer to another work read this term as a point of comparison with at least one of the works on doctors' and nurses' perspectives. Think about the heeling uses of poetry and of language itself.

Task 3.

  1. Whether or not you are a health care provider, you have all doubtless had some kind of experience with the medical establishment, Choose one experience, personality, situation, encounter to study and analyze. Your choice can come from your own personal life or from a patient you work with professionally.

  2. Identify who this patient is in relation to you (self, family member, patient of your, etc.) and what the nature of his/her illness is or has been. Provide essential background on the nature of this case: type of diagnosis, mitigating circumstances and contexts; duration of illness; medical professionals involved in treatment; setting in which treatment occurs; patient responses; outlook for recovery; and your own assessment of the course of the illness and the nature of the treatment. Note: more to come online. For now, just choose what and who your case will be.

Merced" by

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