Prohibition and Organized Crime in Boston [1845 Words]

Prohibition and Organized Crime in Boston [1845 Words]

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Michael Brown

-Thesis: In Boston, Prohibition failed to stop the consumption and production of alcohol as a result of home-brewing, speakeasies, and organized crime, all of which had negative effects on those individuals involved.

Body Paragraph #1

Alcohol at home

-Home-brewing was when people at home brewed their own beer.

  • This was common during prohibition

-At first prohibition was successful and the amount of alcohol consumed dropped a lot.

-Over time it started to creep back up because people would distill their own alcohol at home.

-Ingredients for making alcohol could be found at stores and could be fermented at home, where it was concealed.

-Police and the government did not have the means to effectively monitor the home distilling of alcohol.

Body Paragraph #2

Dangers of Making Alcohol at home

-Alcohol demands precise measurements and is very tricky to get.

-When distilling alcohol, often people were not careful enough and this resulted in improper distilling

-Often caused death or blindness

-If done wrong, it can poison you.

-If done incorrectly methyl can be produced and cause death

-find case

-Home made alcohol is another way it negatively effected people involved because often times, the alcohol made people very sick, even leading to death or blindness.

Body Paragraph #3


-Speakeasies are underground bars, where alcohol is sold and consumed illegally.

-Speakeasies contribute to the failure of prohibition in Boston because it allowed those who wanted to drink easy access to alcohol.

-Example of a speakeasy in Boston

-Gangsters would supply these speakeasies with alcohol, and as a result became very rich.

-Police did not have enough money or enough manpower to stop the speakeasies prohibition was a failure.

Body Paragraph #4

Organized Crime and Gangs

-During prohibition there was a lot of organized crime and gangs.

-they became very powerful and rich, unable to be stopped by the police or anyone else.

-The Gangs were the ones who provided the speakeasies with their alcohol, but also were responsible for other crimes, more violent.

-Gangs were able to bribe police and political figures

Body Paragraph # 5

Negative effects of gangs

-Gang violence not only effected members in the gang by putting their life in danger, but many other people.

-Violence made Boston a dangerous place, and a city of crime.

-Made a lot of money, but compromised safety.


-Prohibition was a failure mainly because the police did not have the means to support its enforcement.

-Alcohol being made at home



-Also it was unsafe for all parties involved

-Gang violence

-Alcohol brewed wrong

-All leads to repeal of Prohibition in 1933


Prohibition and

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 Prohibition and Organized Crime in Boston [1845 Words]

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