Week 1 DQ 2

Week 1 DQ 2

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Week 1 Discussion Question 2

Due Day 5: Saturday

What resistance to change have you experienced in yourself and in your agency? How was it overcome?

I have experienced resistance to change in my company. The reason for this is that technological advancements are doing a great job of making the jobs of many employees obsolete. Basically a computer system was created to provide all the information regarding an apartment and even show them the apartment for rent online in detail instead of a leasing consultant (an actual person that physically speaks to a prospect and shows them the apartment) doing so. The computer system would ultimately be cheaper than hiring leasing consultants. The company did say that they were keeping some leasing consultants on staff just incase the system went...

Week 1

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Week 1 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Week1DQ#2 Explainthedifferenttypesofresearchmethodologiesusedinthehealthsciences.Howwould youapplyoneoftheseresearchmethodsinyourworkplace? QualitativeandQuantitativeMethods:AComparisonbetweenthetwo: Qualitativemethodhelphealthcareprofessionalstoidentifythestrengthsandweaknessthat

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