STR GM 581 Forming a Team

STR GM 581 Forming a Team

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STR GM 581 Forming a Team

University of Phoenix

Forming a Team

In today's workplace, teamwork is more common than individual contributors. Understanding how to manage teams and motivate them is a required skill for a manager. Typically, teams are formed usually with a specific project or goal in mind. Regardless of the reason a team is formed, they all go through four stages as defined by Bruce Tuckman of the Naval Medical Research Institute of Bethesda: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Team B will present in this paper which stage has the most potential for conflict and why.

Conflict Stage

Of the four stages of team development, Team B agreed that storming has the most potential for conflict. This stages present challenges due to differences in personality and opinion of...


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STR GM 581 Forming a Team

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Excerpt from file: STRGM581FormingaTeam UniversityofPhoenix FormingaTeam Intodaysworkplace,teamworkismorecommonthanindividualcontributors. Understandinghowtomanageteamsandmotivatethemisarequiredskillfora manager.Typically,teamsareformedusuallywithaspecificprojectorgoalinmind.

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