RLS 111 Week 3 Buddhism Quiz

RLS 111 Week 3 Buddhism Quiz

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Question 1

In which country would you likely not find Theravada Buddhist practitioners?

Select one:

a. Myanmar

b. Sri Lanka

c. Thailand

d. China

Question 2

The term anatman means __________

Select one:

a. no eternal soul

b. enlightenment

c. eternal soul

d. suffering

Question 3

The founder of Buddhism was a contemporary of

Select one:

a. Zoroaster

b. Mahavira

c. Muhammad

d. Jesus

Question 4

Buddhist teaching differs from Hindu teaching in that________________

Select one:

a. it rejects the concept of karma

b. it rejects the idea of a cycle of death and rebirth

c. it rejects the idea of renunciation

d. it rejects the idea of an eternal soul

Question 5

The form of Buddhism that offers faithful prayers to Amida Buddha is known as

Question 6

The term "Buddha" means

Question 7

Which if the following is not one of the Three Root Afflictions?

Select one:

a. delusion

b. hate

c. greed

d. renunciation

Question 8

The Japanese teacher Nichiren believed that the essence of Buddhism could be found in

Question 9

What is the Triple Gem (or Three Refuges)?

Question 10

The collection of ancient scriptures used by Theravada Buddhists is called the

Question 11

Dukkha means _________________

Select one:

a. eternal peace

b. nothingness

c. suffering

d. liberation

Question 12

Stories of the Buddha's past lives are known as

Question 13

A memorial dome which contains relics of the Buddha is called a

Question 14

According to Mahayana Buddhism, the Buddha is present ________________.

Select one:

a. as a transformation body which can take human form

b. as enlightened wisdom which is formless

c. as a celestial bliss body

d. all of these answers

Question 15

In Mahayana Buddhism, a being dedicated to attaining enlightenment is called a

RLS 111

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RLS 111 Week 3 Buddhism Quiz

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Excerpt from file: Question1 InwhichcountrywouldyoulikelynotfindTheravadaBuddhistpractitioners? Selectone: a.Myanmar b.SriLanka c.Thailand d.China Feedback Thecorrectansweris:China Question2 Thetermanatmanmeans__________ Selectone: a.noeternalsoul b.enlightenment c.eternalsoul d.suffering Feedback

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