Criminal Investigation: The Murder Of Laci Peterson [1794 Words]

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These are the instructions we were given:

Complete a 5-7 page APA Style research paper on a criminal investigation of your choice (Lacy Peterson, OJ Simpson, an state or local case, etc).

Outline the case from onset to adjudication, what went right, what went wrong, investigator mistakes, etc. This is your chance to critique what investigators did, good and bad. The sky is the limit! There are few rules but make it interesting!

The project should contain at least 5-7 pages of text not counting the title and reference page. You should use at least five references. Please note that Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. are not scholarly resources and should not be used.

Criminal Investigation

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 Criminal Investigation: The Murder Of Laci Peterson [1794 Words]

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Excerpt from file: RunningHead:CRIMINALINVESTIGATION:THEMURDEROFLACIPETERSON1 CriminalInvestigation:TheMurderOfLaciPeterson Name: Institution: CRIMINALINVESTIGATION:THEMURDEROFLACIPETERSON 2 Introduction Criminalinvestigationsespeciallythosedealingwithhomicidearequitecomplexbecause

Filename: criminal-investigation-the-murder-of-laci-peterson-5.doc

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