RLS 111 Final Exam

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RLS 111 Final Exam

Question 1


(Answer one)

  1. What basic characteristics do Protestant denominations, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches have in common and what distinguishes them?

  2. Explain the significance of Jesus being born in a stable at Bethlehem, the visit from the Magi, the miracles of Jesus, his Passion, crucifixion, death and resurrection.

Question 2


(Answer one)

  1. Describe the factorscontributing to the rapid spread of Islam.

  2. Explain the concept of jihad.

Question 3


(Answer one)

  1. What does it mean to becreated in the "image" of God?

  2. What are themajor groupings of Judaism and how do they differ in practice and beliefs?

Question 4

Matching (2 points each)








Question 5





____New Testament


Question 6








Question 7

This Roman Emperor saw a vision of a cross, a symbol that he then used in battle. When that battle was won, he initiated a tolerance of Christianity within the Roman Empire

a. Constantine

b. Theodosius

c. Julius Caesar

d. Urban II

Question 8

Which character below was called by God to leave his home, nearly sacrifice his son as a sign of his faithful loyalty, and later his descendants became "as numerous as the stars".

a. Abraham

b. Jacob

c. Moses

d. David

Question 9

The Jewish religious holiday is a Day of Atonement and reconciliation with God and others is

a. Rosh Hashanah

b. Hanukkah

c. Bar Mitzvah

d. Yom Kippur

Question 10

What does the word "Exodus" mean

a. Departure

b. end to ones suffering

c. freedom

d. God saves

Question 11

Although fasting is strongly recommended as an Islamic practice, it is only required during the month of ___________, a celebration that commemorates the beginning of the revelations to Muhammad.

a. Muharram

b. Safar

c. Rajab

d. Ramadan

Question 12

In Islam, the supreme central focus and authority is:

a. Iman

b. Caliph

c. Muhammad

d. Allah

Question 13

The Jewish religious holiday marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year and the Shofar is blown

a. Yom Kippur

b. Bat Mitzvah

c. Hanukkah

d. Rosh Hashanah

Question 14

The highest officials in Eastern Orthodox churches are known as

a. popes

b. monarchs

c. priests

d. patriarchs

Question 15

The early Christian belief that the one God has three Persons--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-- is called the doctrine of the

a. Holy Eucharist

b. Trinity

c. Three in One

d. Cross

Question 16

These gospels are known as the synoptic gospels because of their similar views of Jesus' life.

a. Matthew, Mark, John

b. Matthew, John, Luke

c. Matthew, Mark, Luke

d. John, Mark, Luke)

Question 17

The author of this gospel was probably also responsible for the New Testament book "The Acts of the Apostles."

a. John

b. Mark

c. Matthew

d. Luke

Question 18

Around the time of the Protestant Reformation, Roman Catholics experienced a reformation of their own. The Council of Trent reaffirmed the doctrine of

a. good works as well as faith

b. transubstantiation

c. all of these

d. Original sin

Question 19

The first five books of the Jewish Hebrew Scriptures are known as the

a. Pentateuch

b. Shema

c. Talmud

d. Torah

Question 20

The Five Pillars of Islam consist of the profession of belief in God and messengership of Muhammad, prayer five times a day, tithing, fasting, and

a. pilgrimage to Mecca

b. submission to God

c. memorization of portions of the Quran

d. mosque sacrifice

Question 21

The largest group within Islam is the _______, making up about eighty percent of all Muslims

Select one:

a. Sunni Correct

b. Shia

c. Imams

d. Sufi

Question 22

Question text

The Qur'an acknowledges prophets from Judaism and Christianity including:

a. Abraham

b. all of these

c. Jesus

d. Adam

Question 23

The Sh'ite faction of Islam claims ______, Muhammad's cousin and husband to his daughter Fatima, as the legitimate Islamic leader after Muhammad's death.

a. Abu Bakr

b. Umar

c. Husayn

d. Ali

Question 24

This sect of Judaism is the ultra conservatives; black suits, hats, mystical view

a. Reform

b. Conservative

c. Hasidic

d. Orthodox

Question 25

When this former persecutor of Christians converted to Christianity he changed his name to...

a. Saul

b. Matthew

c. John

d. Paul

Question 26

The word Islam means:

a. sons of Allah

b. Surrender to God

c. those who follow Muhammad

d. Recitations

Question 27

Abraham was raised as an Egyptian prince, and brought his people out of slavery in Egypt.



Question 28

Jihad strictly means holy war.



Question 29

A jinn is a chapter in the Qur'an.



Question 30

A minyan is a quorum of ten adult males required for Jewish community worship



Question 31

The New Testament contains the twenty seven books written after Jesus' death about his life, teachings, passion, death, resurrection, and the beginning of his Church.



Question 32

Parables are stories told by Jesus to illustrate a spiritual truth.



Question 33

The Shahadah is the profession of the oneness of God.



Question 34

Shekhinah is the Rabbinical process of studying Hebrew scriptures.



Question 35

Transubstantiation is the transformation of bread and wine into body and blood of Christ.



Question 36

Zakat is the third pillar in Islam which requires a Muslim to donate at least two and a half percent of their accumulated wealth to needy Muslims.



RLS 111

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