Writing Assignment 06 Television Effects and Freedom [763 Words]

Writing Assignment 06 Television Effects and Freedom [763 Words]

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Cultural and Ethnic Studies


Television Effects & Freedoms

Briefly evaluate the current attitudes and concerns in your region of interest toward the effects of viewing television. Are there comparisons, differences, or contradictions with the concerns expressed in your reading about the effects of television viewing in the U.S.? What is the nature of social and/or governmental regulation. What are the freedoms or restrictions placed on television broadcasters in your region of interest?

Please augment your thinking using outside sources online and/or other research.

Write down your thoughts in an essay of 500 words.

This week we are going to consider the effects of television.

There is great controversy concerning this issue. Often, for a study that proves one view of the effects of television viewing, there is a contrasting study.

Read the following modules at CyberCollege:

•Violence Research

•Youth, Broadcasting and Sex

•The Decline of TV News Credibility

•Are Freedoms, Values in Conflict?

This site has quizzes, terminology, reviews, and other links.

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 Writing Assignment 06   Television Effects and Freedom [763 Words]

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