Social Work and Human Services Conflict Theory on Poverty [1430 Words]

Social Work and Human Services Conflict Theory on Poverty [1430 Words]

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Creative writing

Assignments should be written in the format of the most current edition of the APA manual and include the proper title page, headings and references.. The written assignment will consist of a paper that is at least 5 full pages of content. The paper must be double spaced with size 12 Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins on all sides. Please use complete sentences, appropriate grammar, spelling, and references. You will also be required to use in-text citations in your work in accordance with APA style to avoid plagiarism. Information to help with your writing is provided under the APA resources section of the course information tab. Be sure to avoid using internet sources such as Wikipedia or other web-based resources that do not have strong academic backing if you choose additional resources. Plagiarism detection software will be used to scan each paper. The electronic email version of your research paper, in WORD format, should be submitted via the safeassign blackboard website.

Select a social problem you are interested in writing about. The topic you select can address either a general (e.g., "poverty") or specific (e.g., "homelessness among women") topic.

Find 3 articles from from a social science journal (see directions below). These articles should be ones not included in the course materials.

Write a brief review of each of the three articles.

Select one of the sociological perspectives: functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism. Interpret the social problem from this perspective. Your interpretation should reflect what you have learned from your four readings. Be specific in your interpretation about what you learned from each reading. Also, be specific about which sociological perspective you are using in your paper (e.g., "This writer will use the Structure-Functional perspective to explain...."). Be sure to back up your opinion with citations!

Suggest a social policy to mitigate the negative consequences of the social problem.

Social Work

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 Social Work and Human Services Conflict Theory on Poverty [1430 Words]

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