PUP 301 Introduction to Urban Planning Exam # 1 [1529 Words]

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PUP 301 Introduction to Urban Planning (Exam # 1)

1.Draw and explain (including push-pull factors) urbanization and suburbanization. (Be sure to include city center and city limit in your drawing and pay particular attention to the 1950s and beyond)

  1. Describe some social aspects of planning and explain what major function (s) Do way stations serve, if any?

3.Describe essential reasons why planning is highly political in this country as discussed in Levy and class. Also discuss different styles of planning as discussed in Levy and class.

4.Critically evaluate the process and elements of a comprehensive plan in local areas. You may want to use practical examples from your own experience.

5.Pick some examples from cities or towns with which you are familiar, and describe at least three elements from Kelvin Lynchs the city and its elements you need to provide detailed examples for the elements

PUP 301

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 PUP 301  Introduction to Urban Planning Exam # 1 [1529 Words]

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Excerpt from file: Urbanization is the process where a large group of people becomes concentrated permanentlyin smallareashenceformingcities.Peoplemovefromruraltourbanareasby meansofinternalruraltourbanmigration.Whenthisprocessofmigrationcontinuesthenumber ofpeoplelivingincities

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