Position Paper on GMOs [1418 Words]

Position Paper on GMOs [1418 Words]

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This position paper focuses on food and agriculture and genetically modified crops. Drawing on information from the book, lectures, Food Inc., and at least 2 outside sources, write a five-page essay that defends or refutes the following statement:

The use of genetically modified crops is the best way to feed our growing global population.

There are many arguments for and against the use of GMOs in agriculture. Since this is a five page essay, you should support your position with several of the arguments you find most persuasive, not all of them. We recommend reading several (3-4) sources, in addition to the course material we’ve already covered, to understand the arguments for and against GMO use and to help you decide which arguments you want to use in your paper. Note that in terms of the textbook, you can draw on material not just from chapter 8, but apply concepts/material from chapters 9 and 10 as well.

Some examples of reputable sources for information on this topic include the following articles/statements. You may use these sources as your outside sources or may draw on others for this paper. Note that there are many people who feel strongly about GMOs, and many of them begin webpages or blogs which provide a tremendous amount of questionable information. So, BE CAREFUL of the sources you choose.

There are two important elements of this paper:

1) Use evidence from the book, lecture, Food Inc., and 2 outside sources to support your contentions. What information is included in these sources that support your contentions?

2) Use logic to support your contentions. That is, beyond what these sources say, why do or why do not the various positions presented make sense? To do this, you’ll want to analyze the arguments the authors make in their work. Additionally, you’ll want to analyze the underlying assumptions of the different viewpoints of your sources.

Essays must be:

• Typed (or word-processed), double-spaced, in a 12 point font, stapled, and with 1 inch margins on all sides.

• Properly cited using the APA style. You must cite any direct quotes or paraphrased ideas from the articles or other sources. Incorrect citation will be considered plagiarism and will result in a lower grade. If you are unsure of how to cite other author’s work, set up an appointment with the CU Writing Center. Also, visit this website:

• Follow the format described below in “Writing an ‘A’ Essay”. While writing your paper, tackle the issue head-on, using evidence from the readings and logic to support your contentions

How to write an "A" position paper

We understand that students in this class will possess a wide range of writing skills. The purpose of this section is to provide a blueprint for writing a good position paper.

The purpose of the position paper in this class is for you to express yourself about topics in readings and in class. To do that, you will need to write clearly and carefully.

1) Take a clear position in your writing; you need to be very clear about whether you support the argument or if you are against it. Your position is your thesis statement. You thesis statement should be included in your first paragraph. The following paragraphs should support your thesis statement with evidence and/or illustration. Each paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence. Any significant conclusions that you draw in your position paper should also be included your first paragraph; this helps your audience know where the paper is headed.

2) Assume that your reader is intelligent, but that she or he may not have necessarily read or heard all that you have. Thus, you will need to tell your reader enough so that she or he will know what you are talking about, but not so much that she or he gets bored or feels talked down to.

3) Be sure to support your assertions with both logic and evidence. For your reader, many things will not be as self-evident as they are to you. Be sure to tell your reader why you are saying what you are saying. Always ask the question of yourself, why is this important? Then answer that question in your essay.

4) Always read your essay out loud before you turn it in. If you were hearing it for the first time, would it make sense to you? Have you expressed yourself as clearly as possible?

5) Always proof-read everything you turn in. Typographical errors, spelling mistakes, and bad grammar prove very frustrating for your audience. They also result in lower grades.

6) Finally, essays must be handed in on time; late essays will not be accepted.

Position Paper

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 Position Paper on GMOs [1418 Words]

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