Journal Reflection Boys of Baraka Journal Reflection [1096 Words]

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A+SolutionJournal Reflection Assignment:

Before you respond to the questions watch this video and contrast this educational experience with that of the Boys of Baraka or the Poor White Kids videos.

Describe Adverse Childhood Experiences. Where does this concept come from and what are the ramifications for you as a teacher?

As a teacher why is it important to understand the relationship between poverty and culture?

With this understanding of the relationship between these two concepts, as educators what then becomes our responsibility to students and their families?

How might you need to augment of change the approaches you use when teaching low incomes students? What are 4 best practices should you keep in mind when working with families and their children?

School discipline

Why might black male students form poor backgrounds participants more broadly in school discipline programs, eg. in school suspension, write ups, bullying...?

What about there context might lead to "aggressive" posturing in the class room and school? How do you support them, validate their experiences while maintaining a productive school climate?

How would you a handle a student who called you Racist, toss her papers and refused to do her work?

1.What is the Baltimore neighborhood like where the boys live? How is it similar or different than your neighborhood? What do you think are the causes of similarities and/or differences? (Can use the demographics data previously gathered to start the discussion)

2.What three prospects does the Baraka school recruiter tell the boys they will likely face in the future? Why do you think the recruiter reminds the boys of those prospects? What do you think your future prospects are? What/who has influenced your idea of your future prospects?

3.What are the differing ways in which the families supported/did not support the boys? How does your family support or not support you in your goals?

Boys of Baraka Journal Reflection

Journal Reflection

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 Journal Reflection  Boys of Baraka Journal Reflection [1096 Words]

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