EDS 6240 Codys Story Reflection

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EDS 6240 - Cody's Story Reflection [571 Words]



Cody's Story Reflection

  1. A traditional time out consists of the removal of a child from the playgroup for a given amount of time. However, it is an incomplete exclusion as the child remains in the vicinity of the other children. On the other hand, leaving the child presupposes the removal of the playgroup from the vicinity of an aggressive child. This is a complete dissociation as the child can no longer participate in the activities of the group even in a passive way as a spectator. A time out is partial separation while leaving a child is a complete separation.

Leaving Coy behind should be very effective because his main motivation is participation in group activities with his peers. He longs for involvement in the...

EDS 6240

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EDS 6240   Codys Story Reflection

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:CODYSSTORYREFLECTION EDS6240CodysStoryReflection[571Words] Name Institution 1 CODYSSTORYREFLECTION 2 CodysStoryReflection 1. Atraditionaltimeoutconsistsoftheremovalofachildfromtheplaygroupforagiven amountoftime.However,itisanincompleteexclusionasthechildremainsinthe...

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