Assignment One: Solving Problems and Making Decisions [4376 Words]

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Assignment 1: Solving problems and making decisions

1.1 Describe a problem, its nature scope and

2.1 Gather and interpret information to identify possible solutions to a problem

2.2 Prepare a summary of the options providing facts and evidence

3.1 Apply a simple decision making technique to evaluate options to arrive at the best solution

4.1 Plan the implementation and communication of the decision

4.2 Describe which monitoring and review techniques could be used to evaluate outcomes

Assignment 2: Understanding good practice in workplace coaching

1.1 Describe and define the purpose of workplace coaching

1.2 Explain the role and responsibilities of an effective workplace coach

1.3 Describe the behaviours and characteristics of an effective workplace coach

1.4 Explain how coaches should contract and manage confidentiality to coach ethically

2.1 Explain how to manage a coaching process agreeing goals and following a simple coaching model

2.2 Explain the range of tools and techniques (including diagnostic tools and those exploring learning preferences) that can be used to support effective coaching

2.3 Explain why it is important to maintain basic records of coaching activity and what these should contain

2.4 Recognise any potential barriers to coaching in the workplace and explain suitable strategies to overcome these barriers

Assignment One

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 Assignment One: Solving Problems and Making Decisions [4376 Words]

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Excerpt from file: InsertSurnameHere1 Name: Tutor: Subject: Date: AssignmentOne:SolvingProblemsandMakingDecisions[4376Words] Question1.1DescriptionoftheProblemitsNatureandScope A problem is a situation that needs to be considered because it is unwelcome or

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