St. Thomas Aquinas 5 Proofs of Gods Existence

St. Thomas Aquinas 5 Proofs of Gods Existence

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St. Thomas Aquinas 5 Proofs of Gods Existence




Termed as one of the most greatest and famous medieval scholars, Thomas Aquinas joined the Dominican order in 1244 which was concerned with controlling the heresy via preaching. By then, there were many scholars in Paris striving to analyze the works of Aristotle and their validity given the then existing Christian doctrines. As fate would have it, Thomas when in his new assignment was destined to produce a great answer to questions about the existence of God. He produced the Summa Theologiae otherwise termed as the summary of theology in an attempt to present Christian theology as systematically as possible. As history has it he worked, on this work from 1266 to 1273, but after finishing it, he...

St. Thomas

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St. Thomas Aquinas 5 Proofs of Gods Existence

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Excerpt from file: St.ThomasAquinas5ProofsofGodsExistence Name: University: Background Termedasoneofthemostgreatestandfamousmedievalscholars,Thomas AquinasjoinedtheDominicanorderin1244whichwasconcernedwithcontrollingthe heresyviapreaching.Bythen,thereweremanyscholarsinParisstrivingtoanalyzethe

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