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Solve the following equation $5x^2-6x-2=0$

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Solve the equation $2x^2+7x-15=0$

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Find the remainder when $4x^3-6x+5$ is divided by $2x+1$.

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The roots of the equation $2x^2-7x+4=0$ are $\alpha$, $\beta$. Find an equation with integral coefficients whose roots are $\frac{\alpha}{\beta}$, $\frac{\beta}{\alpha}$.

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The roots of the equation $3x^2+4x-5=0$ are $\alpha$ and $\beta$. Find the values of (a) $\frac{1}{\alpha}+\frac{1}{\beta}$ (b) $\alpha^2+\beta^2$

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Simplify $\frac{\log 125}{\log 25}$

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Simplify $\frac{(1+x)^{\frac{1}{2}}-\frac{1}{2}x(1+x)^{-\frac{1}{2}}}{1+x}$

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Find the value of $(\frac{27}{8})^{-\frac{2}{3}}.$

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Rationalize the denominators of (a) $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$ (b) $\frac{1}{3-\sqrt2}$

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Simplify $\sqrt{50}+\sqrt{2}-2\sqrt{18}+\sqrt{8}$

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Express $6\sqrt{5}$ as a simple square root.

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Write $\sqrt{63}$ as the simplest possible surd.

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You invest $\$3,000$ in a two year investment that pays you $12\%$ per annum. Calculate the future value of the investment.

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In what time will $\$8,000$ amount to $\$8,820$ at $10\%$ per annum interest compounded half-yearly?

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What annual rate of interest compounded annually doubles an investment in $7$ years? Given that $2^{\frac{1}{7}}=1.104090$

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If you deposit $\$8000$ into an account paying $7\%$ annual interest compounded quarterly, how long until there is $\$12,400$ in the account?

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If you deposit $\$5000$ into an account paying $6\%$ annual interest compounded monthly, how long until there is $\$8000$ in the account?

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Kapil deposited some amount in a bank for $7\frac{1}{2}$ years at the rate $6\%$ p.a. simple interest. Kapil received $\$101,500$ at the end of the term. Compute initial...

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Rahul invested \$70,000 in a bank at the rate of 6.5% p.a. simple interest rate. He received $85,925 after the end of term. Find out the period for which sum was invested by Rahul.

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Sachin deposited $1,000,000 in his bank for 2 years at simple interest rate of 6%. a) How much interest would he earn? b) How much would be the final value of deposit?

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POLS 2312 Q2

Find the equation of the regression line for the given data. Then construct a scatter plot of the data and draw the regression line.

Identify an example of a statistical research finding in a mainstream media outlet (newspaper, magazine, broadcast television, etc.) and then locate the actual study or

listen to the following excerpt. which instrument classification is represented?

PSY 410 Week Two Assignment Worksheet

Explain why asexually reproducing organisms are generally found in environments that do not change very much through tim

HCS 341 Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements

Why is it important to analyze the reliability of messages and the credibility of messengers

according to the text, what was the significance of debussy's work?

HCIS 140 Week 2 Patient Intake to Patient Follow Up Workflow

which statement best describes how the fed responds to high inflation?

The mean value of land and buildings per acre from a sample of farms is

HIST 410N - Week 4 Discussion Board # 1 The Cold War Who Shot First

A 0.250-kg block is placed on a light vertical spring $k = 5.00 \times 10^3 \text{ N/m}$ and pushed downwards, compressing the spring 0.100 m.

Mon Valley Responses Week 2 Patricia Castillo

uncovered lightbulbs may expose food to which type of hazard

A Grade Solution AMP-450V Module 4 Critical Decision Making for Providers

Financial Statement Analysis Starbucks vs. Panera Bread

Hlt 362 Exercise 16 solutions

Unit 8 Assignment Organized Behaviour PROScout Marketing s the boss, what questions might you ask this employee to clarify your understanding As the employeewhat questions might you ask your team to clarify

You are an employee of a U.S. firm that produces personal computers in Thailand and then exports them to the United States and other countries for sale

ACCT 562 Week 7 Course Project Final Paper

ACCT 530 Week 2 Assignment; Case Study 3 2 - Amgen Whistleblowing

POL 201 Week 3 Learning Activity - Branches of Government

HCA 240 Week 5 Home Care Application

ACC 400 Week 4

Complete the following statements with one of the terms listed here

BA 490 Project Part 1 Project Proposal for Expansion Overseas

the first big hit of the earliest leading rock and roll group was

BUS 644 Week 6 Final Paper Space Age Furniture Problem Develop an MRP for Space Age Furniture Company using the information in the case including the production

PROJ 587 Week 4 Rough Draft for Course Project

which of the following statements regarding glucose is correct?

MGT 2 Genray Hris Matrix Template

Crime Causation and Diversion Paper 3

Hosbach Manufacturing produces a variety of plastic containers using an extrusion blow molding process


How accurate do you think a company's estimates of the net prese

How are faults, hypocenters, and epicenters related Faults that are experiencing no active creep (relatively consistent yet minor movements) may be considered

UMUC psych354 quiz

Evaluate this plan in terms of market incentives, one of the ten principles of economics, to work and current welfare programs. Is the Phelps plan an improvement over current government policies

COMM 208 Week 1 DQs

PUMA produces the PUMA​ Re-Suede, an athletic shoe made from sustainable materials. Identify the following costs connected with the manufacture of the​ Re-Suede shoe as variable or​ fixed:

NRS 410V Module 4 Mandatory DQ Chest X Ray

HSM 541 Week 4 Midterm Exam (Version 2)

Imagine a product that might solve a common problem in your industry of interest. Write a sales letter using Monroes Motivates Sequence, targeting a potential buyer of the product.

NRS 440V Week 3 Reflection Paper Trends and Issues in Health Care

AC 499 Unit 2 and Unit 3 Assignments

RES 351 Week 5 LT Reflection Summary 2

Worldview Nursing Discussion Question GCU Magi Akia

which of the following is not a major processing-mode category for firewalls?

Hist 102 Assignment 2 AMU/APUS

PSYCH 610 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Survey Questions [Sample Survey Survey Table Survey Questions]

which of the following might be the most appropriate analogy for eidetic imagery?

HLT 306v

psy360r5 memory worksheet

PCN 500 Week 1

In a formal paper of 1,000 1,250 words you will discuss the work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine research that led to the IOM report

PCN 530 Week 2 Human Sexuality, Aging, and Long Term Care

CMRJ 303 Final Essay

MA240 Assignment 08: College Algebra

Stunt Person

Parkland College MUS 121 Music Appreciation listening test A listening test A

cja224 r3 courtroom participation chart (1)

NRS 429V Week 5 Topic 5 DQ 1 Mrs. Jones, a widow, is no longer able to live..

NRS 429V Wk5Dq1

NRS 429V Week 5 CLC: Health Promotion and Community Resource Teaching Project [20 slides + Speaker Notes]

Assignment 2 LASA 2 Company Assessment

Metamorphic Rocks CP Week 6

15 Physics Q&A

MIS 581 Week 8 Final Exam,Test

Write a paper analyzing different approaches that might be used by Keynesian theorists and 2) monetary theorists to promote long run macroeconomic stability

BUS 401 Week 2 Problem 7-10

Gays in the Boy Scouts Second Draft

inflation means that quizlet

CWV 101 Topic 6 Study Guide

which of the following statements about age pyramids is true?

HLT 310V Module 1 DQ 1

ACC 310 Week 1 3-36 CVP Analysis and Price Changes: Argentina

Porter's Five Force Analysis Accenture

Training Workshop Proposal Imagine that you are tasked with the development and delivery of a two day training workshop for 100 managers on how to use effective feedback skills when delivering

ACC 310 Week 2 4-24 Critical Analysis and Discussion Question

Acct 280 Financial Project Word Book GAMESTOP CORP. Assignment1 Ethical Dilemma

LDR 731 Model for Working Within the Political Landscape of an Organization

PSY 325 final research paper all 3 essays and Part B Research Study Critique A group of researchers conducted an experiment to determine which vaccine is more effective for preventing getting the flu.

MAT 157

PCN 530 Topic 2 DQ 1

EXP 105 Week 4 DQ

The Cutting Edge Landscaping budget proposal and excel worksheet

which of the following is an example of government affecting citizens' daily lives?

A well-known nursery rhyme starts as follows: As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks.

ENG 225 Week 3 Discussion 1 - The Impact of Cinematography and Editing Options

Compare and contrast ANA or ICN Code of ethics

NRS 440V Topic 3 Assignment; Reflection Paper

MATH 221 Week 4 Discussion; Discrete Probability Variables

WGU RTT1 Task 2 Organizational Systems And Quality Leadership

MGT 322 Week 5 Final Paper - Business Supply Chain Strategy

HCS 325 week 1 Individual Assignment Roles and Functions Paper

Case Study Mod 4

PCN 605 Topic 1 DQ 2

CWV-101 Mark 8:29 Worksheet

NRS 427V Module 4 DQ 1 What is your evaluation of the effectiveness..

Interpersonal Communication

Week 3 DQ1 AND Week 3 DQ2 PHI 413 V

PAD 520 Week 3 Assignment 1 Argument Mapping

Integrals: Properties of Definite Integrals

Assume the role of a highly regarded human resource consultant hired to review, analyze, and revise the compensation and benefit system utilized by your citys larges

behaviorist psychology, cognitive psychology, humanistic psychology, and social psychology. the role these play in planning for community health improvement.

Case 5.3 Speech or False Advertising

A composite shaft consisting of two stepped portions having spring constants k1 and k2 is held between two rigid supports at the ends

Two balls are chosen randomly from an urn containing 8 white, 4 black, and 2 orange balls

article one of the constitution illustrates how the national government's power is

UNV 103 Week 5 College Level Writing Worksheet

ACCT 505 Week 4 Discussion 1 Budgeting Case Study (Pages 389 & 390 Case 8 30)

Explain the differences among law office billing procedures, specifically, the differences involved in billing on a contingency basis, a flat fee basis, and an hourly basis

NRS 451V Week 3 Topic 3 DQ 2 Extrinsic and intrinsic Motivation

HCA 240 Health Care Accounting and Billing

NR 503 WeeK 3 Assignment; Relative Risk Worksheet

If the market supply function of a commodity is Qs = 3,250 and (a) the market demand function is Qd = 4,750 – 50P

NR 505 Week 3 Assignment; Research Summary Table Injuries of Children with Non Helmet Use

Ashford General Hospital is a 263 bed regional hospital located in California, serving its community for more than 50 years. The hospital maintains the only 24 hour emergency

NRS 410 V Case Study 1 Ms. A. is an apparently healthy 26 year old white woman. Since the beginning of the current golf season, Ms. A has noted increased shortness of breath

Family Centered Approach

NRS-440V Week 4 How a Bill Becomes a Law (Legislative Worksheet)

FIN300v1 Assignment 3

Project Selection and Risk

HIST 410N - Week 4 Discussion Board # 2 Cold War Buzz Words

NR 503 Week 4 Case Study Discussion

NRS 410 V Mrs. J. is a 63 year old woman who has a history of hypertension, chronic heart failure, and sleep apnea. She has been smoking two packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years and has refused

HIST 410N - Week 4 Midterm (Version 2)

Statements that show the effects

PhysioEx Week 6 Lab Exercise 6 Cardiovascular Physiology Workshe

Situational Leadership model Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchards Situational Leadership model has been a big hit in the business world, and these two academics

XCOM 285 week 9 Final Project Business Writing Portfolio

which of the following important events took place during the baroque period?

12-14 Jean Walker is making plans for spring break at the beache

HCS 552 Health Care Economics Terms Comparison Paper New

HS250 World Civilization Lesson 7

If you buy a lottery ticket in 50 lotteries, in each of which your chance of winning a prize is 1/100, what is the (approximate) probability that you will win a prize

HCS 552 Health Care Economics Terms Comparison Paper

Find the tension in the two wires supporting the traffic light s

construction types

Courtroom Participant Chart


if a trash can were stolen from in front of a school, the case would most likely be heard by a

POLS 2312 Q3


ABS 497 Week 1 DQ 1 Fabians Story

ACC 206 Week 3

CMGT 442 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Risk

The mean value of land and building per acre from a sample of farms is \$1200, with a standard deviation of $300.

which of the following is an instance of persuasive speaking?

PSY 405 Dispositional, Biological and Evolutionary Theory Describe the differences between dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories

NRS 430V Week 4 Assignment: Review of The Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health

Why is it important to look at both the manager and the employee point of view when engaging in human resource planning, and how can this information

Servant Leadership in Diverse Contexts

ACC 573 Assignment 1 Financial Statement Restatement and Ethics Assess the factors that contributed to the financial statement restatement

what statement about risks in social and behavioral sciences research is most accurate:

HCA 322 Consent Paper


Managerial Economics and Globalization ECO 550 Week 1 Problem Set

BUS 309 Week 3 Quiz 2 Chapter 2 All Possible Questions 269322 (1)

MAT 221 Week 5 Quiz

PCN 523 0500 Week 7 Assignment Psychological Testing and Assessment of Adolescents Paper

ACC 205 Principles of Accounting Final Paper Google

the store will stay open later during the holiday season

Debate the efficacies of public versus private-based quality initiatives.

BUS 499 Week 10 Assignment 5 Capstone

ACC 205 Principles of Accounting Final Paper Boeing



which statement about muzzleloaders is true?

as your textbook explains, the primary purpose of speechmaking is to

Outline of Letter to the Community


The XTO acquisition gave ExxonMobil a significant presence in the development of domestic unconventional natural gas resources,

Pros & Cons of Mandatory Continuing Nursing Education

ACC 407 Week 1 DQ 1 Partnership Agreements Complete Case C15 1

Consider your exposure and define what the p-value represents

BUS 100 Week 5 Assignment 2: Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

which of the following is a true statement about the great society?

Ethical issue Analysis of Padding Business Expenses You have just completed a grueling 1 0 day business trip calling on two dozen accounts

which of the following is an effective use of nonverbal communication

NRS 440 V How a Bill Becomes a Law Legislative Assignment As you have discovered through this course, nurses are influential members of the community and the political system

HCA 240 Week 3 Determining Financial Viability

Gender Messages Write a 500 or more word paper about the three main institutions in gender socialization, family, school, and the media.

HRM 595 Week 5 DQ 1; You Just Don't Understand

HCS 552 Week 6 Assignment Health Care Economic Issues Presentation

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