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PHI 103 To support a scientific hypothesis, one might

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20.3 billion brain cells

To support a scientific hypothesis, one might   gather data that confirms the hypothesis. look for ways of refuting the hypothesis. Both A and B   None of the above     A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following?   3 + 5 = 8 Grass is green. Cheese is fattening. All of the above       Logic can help analyze ethical problems.   True   False     If the word "should" appears in a sentence, that sentence will always involve an ethical claim.   True False         Descartes worried a great deal about the threat posed by which of the following?   Christians Skeptics Masons Jesuits     French philosopher René Descartes tried to show that   Gruyere made the best cheese sandwiches. all philosophical arguments were inductive arguments. radical skepticism was the best approach to philosophy. at least one thing could be shown to be absolutely true.       A strongly supported claim in science should be regarded as   correct, but something that can always be revised.   necessarily true. meaningless but fun. correct, and never needing revision.     One way to disconfirm the scientific hypothesis that chickens cannot fly would be to   ask someone. look very hard for a chicken that can fly.   simply assert that chickens can fly. simply assert that chickens cannot fly.     A good way to establish a conclusion as true, or probable, is to   insist that you are correct. construct a strong argument.   construct a fallacious argument. ignore any objections to your conclusion.     An inactive substance or simulated medical procedure is called a   placenta. placebo.   platypus. pleonasm.  

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19.9 billion brain cells

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