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PHI 103 "When I once visited Texas, it was hot. So the next time

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"When I once visited Texas, it was hot. So the next time I visit Texas, it will be hot" is an example of a


sound inductive argument.


valid inductive argument.


sound deductive argument.


weak inductive argument.



Inductive arguments are evaluated in terms of











Inductive arguments should never be characterized as




very weak.









To criticize a deductive argument logically, one might


hit the person making the argument.


show one of the premises is false.


show one of the premises is true.


show the conclusion follows validly from the premises.



Assume you are given a sound argument. What do you know about it?


It is deductive.


It is valid.


Both A and B


None of the above




In logic, arguments are never described as












One way to make an inductive argument stronger is to


ignore the argument.


offer more reasons to support the conclusion.


call the argument something in Latin.


call the argument a deductive argument.



"10 is less than 100; 100 is less than 1,000; consequently, 10 is less than 1,000" is an example of a


sound deductive argument.


valid inductive argument.


sound inductive argument.


weak inductive argument.



A valid argument is one that, if its premises are accepted as true, has


a false conclusion.


a vague conclusion.


a pointless conclusion.


a true conclusion.





If I expect that something in the future will be similar to something in the past, it is likely that I am using


deductive reasoning.


seductive reasoning.


inductive reasoning.


abductive reasoning.





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21.2 billion brain cells

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