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19.5 billion brain cells

Question 1 The ________ theory of homosexuality is based on the idea that levels of certain ________ differ from heterosexuals either _______ or ________ birth. genetic, genes, prenatally, after hormonal, hormones, prenatally, after genetic, hormones, during, after psychoanalytic, neurotransmitters, during, after hormonal, hormones, during, after

Question 2 Sigmund Freud hypothesized that everyone is born with the potential to be ________. heterosexual bisexual homosexual transsexual transgender

Question 3 The ________ theory of sexual orientation connects sexual orientation to ________ and ________ characteristics genetic, parental, family psychoanalytic, religion, mental psychoanalytic, parental, family hormonal, parental, mental social, parental, sibling

Question 4 Integration theorists reason that the ________ influence on sexuality is important, but that _________ also plays a role in developing sexual orientation prenatal, social context maternal, religion prenatal, education maternal, social context prenatal, religion

Question 5 ________ is a fear of homosexuality not based on rational thought. heterosexism homophobia homo-bashing sexual orientation sexual preference

Question 6 Combining _________ and ________ is what experts have labeled "childhood sex play." curiosity, role playing masturbation, role playing roles, behaviors behaviors, acting out none of the above

Question 7 Roughly, ________ years is the age when a child first asks, "where did I come from? 1 to 2.5 2.5 to 5 6 to 7 8 to 9 none of the above

Question 8 The ________ years are the most important time for moral thought development. elementary school middle school high school college adulthood

Question 9 ________ refers to an individual's perception of the main causes of life events. sexual role Cognitive mapping Locus of control Forward thinking Extroversion

Question 10 The ________ scale is used to rate physical sexual development in both boys and girls. Apgar Tanner Sexual Maturation Physical Development

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20.3 billion brain cells

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