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20.1 billion brain cells

Question 1 Fertilization normally takes place in the uterus cervix fallopian tubes vagina ovary Question 2 Sperm are viable in the female reproductive tract for ________ day(s). one two three four five Question 3 An egg's peak fertile period lasts 8 to 12 hours, but an egg can be fertilized for up to ________ hours following ovulation 14 16 2 20 24 36 Question 4 The sex of a baby is determined at delivery at the moment of conception upon labor during the first trimester during the second trimester Question 5 The embryonic cells that proliferate and eventually form the placenta, umbilical cord, and the amniotic sac are called trophoblasts. blastocysts. embryonic cells. endometrial cells. stem cells Question 6 Together, the ________ and the ________ form the lifeline between the mother and the fetus. fallopian tubes, vagina cervix, uterus umbilical cord, vagina placenta, cervix placenta, umbilical cord Question 7 The greatest amount of fetal growth occurs during the _______ month of pregnancy fourth fifth sixth seventh eigth Question 8 Which of the following increases the risk of having a low-birth-weight baby? The mother is less than 18 years of age The mother is from a low socio-economic status The mother receives late prenatal care. The mother smokes during pregnancy all of the above Question 9 Dieting during pregnancy can be harmful because the breakdown of fat produces toxic substances called hormones pheromones monosaccharides. fibers ketones Question 10 Compared with other developed countries, the United States ranks ________ in infant deaths. 10th 20th 28th 30th 35th Question 11 Human sexuality is part of one's ________ personality emotional total reproductive mental physical Question 12 Human sexuality involves the ________, ________, and ________ dimensions. biological, physiological, psychological biological, physiological, sociocultural psychological, physiological, sociocultural biological, psychological, sociocultural physiological, psychological, emotional Question 13 Sexual arousal is a(n) ________ function. physiological emotional psychological mental intellectural Question 14 The sexual double standard means that men may be ________ but women may not be ________. honest, promiscuous honest, honest promiscuous, promiscuous sexual, sensual sensual, sexual Question 15 Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the sexual therapist, says that sexual behavior "is all between the ________." legs eyes arms ears feet Question 16 ________ is the belief that sexual identities are acquired from and influenced by the social environment. social constructionism social essentialism constructional existentialism constructional essentialism social existentialism Question 17 Research should be conducted in an environment that is free from bias moderate liberal covertly biased conservative Question 18 Researchers choose their METHOD of research based on the problem being studied. the problem and the population being studied. the scientific method. whether the phenomenon can be observed. whether they like the problem being studied. Question 19 Which of the following is the order of the scientific method? identifying a research question, formulating a hypothesis, reviewing the literature, operationalizing variables, collecting data, analyzing data identifying a research question, reviewing the literature, formulating a hypothesis, operationalizing variables, collecting data, analyzing data identifying a research question, collecting data, analyzing data, reviewing the literature, operationalizing variables identifying a research question, reviewing the literature, collecting data, formulating a hypothesis, analyzing data collecting data, analyzing data, identifying a research question, formulating a hypothesis, operationalizing variables Question 20 The term "generalization" means the ability to conclude that the study's _______ could be obtained outside the study. methods case question variables same results structure Question 21 Which of the following is a characteristic of subjects that may influence an experiment? researcher bias subject syndrome volunteer bias observer objectivity volunteer anxiety Question 22 Generalization can only occur if the study results could have been obtained outside the study the study results could apply only to an isolated situation. the results generally occurred in the study. the methods were generalized. the hypothesis was formulated indirectly Question 23 Which of the following is true of self-report data? Researchers tell the subjects about their previous research. It involves the subjects' body language. It involves the subjects' or respondents' personal accounts. It involves the subjects' observable behaviors. It includes the subjects' socioeconomic levels Question 24 When people ________, they have a tendency to forget past events or embellish them. operationalize hypothesize self-report randomize hyperbolize Question 25 A(n) ________ is a written instrument designed to gather information. hypothesise population interview sample questionnaire Question 26 A(n) ________ is an in-depth study of an individual or a small, select group of individuals. case study experiential study quantitative study questionnaire none of the above Question 27 One of the pleasures of being in a long-term relationship that can eventually lead to difficulties is that communication is easier with someone you trust. once you have established a pattern of resolving conflict, the excitement goes out of the relationship two incomes are rarely really better than one the longer you date, the more direct your communication will become. there is such a high level of comfort that sometimes you do not talk. Question 28 When sexual partners fail to communicate freely about sexuality or other topics communication will persist, but at a low level. their relationship is bound to become limited in scope over time. it is always time to seek professional help. it is not necessarily a bad thing. it is mainly because the people involved are introverted. Question 29 According to the basic communication model, a message can be influenced by the sender's mood, background, culture, and frame of reference the sender's background the sender's culture the receiver's frame of reference none of the above Question 30 The term "bypassing" describes _______. when the receiver of a message is not engaged in active listening. receiving a muddled message. converting an idea into words or gestures to convey meaning misunderstandings that result from missed meanings. translating a message from its symbol form into meaning. Question 31 Decoding is when a receiver responds verbally or nonverbally. being engaged in active listening being able to filter out noise. none of the above Question 32 Nonverbal communication is ________ percent of an overall message 10 25 50 90 93 Question 33 Which of the following is an example of feedback? The receiver of a message responds verbally or nonverbally Words have different meanings to different people The sender checks for understanding A message is translated from its symbol form into meaning. The message is corrected. Question 34 Which of the following is not an example of nonverbal communication? waving slouching crossing your arms sighing frowning Question 35 When verbal and nonverbal messages conflict, receivers often put more faith in what a person says nonverbal cues senders who offer prolonged eye contact` both what was said and nonverbal cues none of the above Question 36 If a student in a class is leaning forward in her chair and maintaining consistent eye contact with the teacher, you would assume that she is actively listening bored and anxious for the class to be over fatigued trying to cheat by looking at another student's paper none of the above Question 37 Collectively, the external female genitals are called the corpora cavernosa vulva hymen vagina cervix Question 38 The ________ lubricate(s) the labia during sexual intercourse. Bartholin's glands copora cavernosa ovaries hymen pituitary gland Question 39 Which of the following is not true about the vagina? It surrounds the penis during intercourse It is the route of exit for a newborn baby. It receives male ejaculate during intercourse It is the place of development for a fertilized egg. It is the place of exit for menstrual flow. Question 40 The two muscles that support and encircle the vagina are the pubococcygeal and vastus medialis pubococcygeal and piriformis bulbocavernosus and pubococcygeal bulbocavernosus and obturator externus introitus and iliopsoas Question 41 Which of the following is an internal female genital? clitoris labia minora uterus labia majora mons publis Question 42 The function of the uterus is to provide sexual arousal for the female give birth push the newborn through the fallopian tube hold the fallopian tubes nurture a developing embryo and fetus Question 43 The ________ is the mouth of the uterus through which the vagina extends perimetrium labia minora clitoris cervix corpus Question 44 The innermost layer of the uterus is the endometrium myometrium perimetrium fundus epididymus Question 45 The destination of a fertilized ovum, or egg, is the ________ of the uterus. endometrium perimetrium myometrium fundus corpus Question 46 Fertilization normally occurs in the Graafian follicle corpus luteum fallopian tubes uterus ovary Question 47 The male external genitals are the ________ and the ________. glans penis, vas deferens penis, testes penis, scrotum glans, corona foreskin, glans penis Question 48 The average penis is about ________ when relaxed (flaccid). 1 to 4 inches 2 to 5 inches 3 to 4 inches 4 to 6 inches none of the above Question 49 The ________ helps to form a seal with the walls of the vagina during sexual intercourse. scrotum glans meatus van deferens coronal ridge Question 50 The ________, an Indian book on erotica, classified men according to penis size. Kamakazi Kamasomata Kamakoni Kamasutra Katmandu Question 51 Two common contradictory views regarding penile size currently exist in our society. They are ______ and ______. some men are showers, some men are growers short flaccid penises grow larger when erect, longer penises overall are shorter when erect the larger the penis, the more satisfied the female; sexaul partners do not care about penis size women do not care about size, the vagina adapts to any size none of the above Question 52 When it comes to sexual satisfaction, experts have concluded that penis width and length are unrelated to sexual satisfaction related to some degree with satisfaction. high sources of anxiety for men. related psychologically to women and how they feel about their breasts none of the above Question 53 Kegel exercises are designed to do what for men? tone the stomach make erections possible make intercourse easier strengthen the muscle around the penis for more intense orgasms none of the above Question 54 The foreskin is also known as the prepuce glans penis meatus smegma Question 55 Temperature control of sperm by the scrotum and the spermatic cords is necessary because sperm need to be about 2 degrees F warmer than body temperature about 5.6 degrees F cooler than body temperature about 5.6 degrees F warmer than the rest of the body exactly the same as normal body temperature about 2 degrees F cooler than normal body temperature Question 56 The testes are male gonads that are known to produce 500 sperm every second 500 sperm every minute 50,000 sperm every second 50,000 sperm every minute 1 million sperm every day Question 57 When males reach puberty, _________ increases their muscle mass and skeletal development estrogen adipose tissue protein androgen prolactin Question 58 Miscarriage rates are higher for male fetuses lower for male fetuses about the same for both male and female fetuses extremely low for both genders in the United States none of the above Question 59 At menarche, estrogen levels increase the development of fat tissue and the enlargement of the female pelvis physical differences adipose tissue in boys hormones responsible for the cessation of the menstrual cycle. none of the above Question 60 In early adolescence, girls outperform boys at which of the following types of tasks? visual-spatial math physical language and verbal none of the above Question 61 In general, women _______ than men, but they also experience more ________ and make more extensive use of the health-care system. live longer, male doctor preference die earlier, illnesses live longer, physical trauma are smarter, mental illnesses live longer, health problems Question 62 When it comes to gender differences and dating, more females than males are actually deceptive males are especially sensitive to rejection. females assume that males will attempt to deceive them. females are more likely to be introverted than males males are more cautious about dating Question 63 Women often derive intimacy from sexual behaviors the act of coitus talking physical closeness physical touch Question 64 According to Peplau (2003), which of the following important gender differences is related to sexuality? Women place greater emphasis on committed relationships as a context for sexuality Women's sexuality tends to be more malleable and capable of change over time. Aggression is more strongly linked to sexuality for men than for women. all of the above Question 65 The ________ system is called the "seat of emotions." reticular activating nervous limbic physiological endocrine Question 66 The ________ can be considered the connection between mind and body. medulla oblongata reticular activating system cerebellum limbic system autonomic nervous system Question 67 Which of the following is not a reaction of the body when a person is sexually aroused? muscles relax the mind starts to race perspiration occurs heart rate increases certain arteries are instructed to open Question 68 The ________ is responsible for the secretion of hormones that travel to various body parts instructing them how to behave. autonomic nervous system limbic system diencephalons system reticular activating system endocrine system Question 69 In men, sex flush occurs during the ________ phase, whereas in women it may occur during the plateau or in the ________ phase. plateau, excitement plateau, resolution refractory, excitement excitement, plateau excitement, resolution Question 70 The process that results in vaginal lubrication during the excitement phase is a(n) orgasmic platform transudation uterine orgasm myotonia tachycardia Question 71 The second phase of Masters and Johnson's sexual response cycle is the ________ phase. orgasm excitement emission plateau resolution Question 72 The increase in heart rate that occurs during sexual activity is known as myotonia hyperventilation vasocongestion tachycardia sex flush Question 73 Increased blood flow to the pelvic area during sexual arousal is called vasocongestion tachycardia myotonia hyperventilation sex flush Question 74 Females sometimes experience a sexual response cycle similar to that of males EXCEPT they can have multiple orgasms with a refractory period they generally move from excitement to plateau and then to orgasm when they are menstruating the resolution phase is shorter in duration than in males they can have multiple orgasms without a refractory period Question 75 Contraception is the means of preventing _______ from occurring during sexual intercourse. pleasure pregnancy STDs pain infertility Question 76 Which of the following forms of contraception helps provide protection against STDs? condoms oral contraceptives hormonal implants sterilization IUDs Question 77 Which of the following is the only 100-percent effective method of fertility control and STI protection? condoms and spermicide together condoms and a hormonal contraceptive together abstinence oral contraceptions condoms Question 78 ________ is the avoidance of any type of sexual intercourse. withdrawal abstinence monogamy polygamy avoidance Question 79 ________ is the contraceptive method of removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. abstinance sterilization monogamy withdrawal avoidance Question 80 ______ condoms do not provide protection against STDs. latex lambskin trojan polyurethane all of the above Question 81 Oral contraceptives suppress ovulation. mimic the changes that occur in pregnancy. can be taken by both males and females. a and b a and c Question 82 An advantage of using condoms is that they are easy to get can help a man control ejaculation are relatively inexpensive reduce the risk of HIV transmission 10-fold with consistent use all of the above Question 83 ________ is the stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual pleasure mutual masturbation masturbation coitus fellatio cunnilingis Question 84 Many of our attitudes regarding sexual activity are part of our ________ past. cultural shameful creative proud Question 85 The ________ believed they were partners with ________ in replenishing the Earth, and thus enacted laws against ________ sexual behavior. Ancient Egyptians, Osiris, same sex Ancient Hebrews, Moses, same sex Medieval Europeans, God, any Ancient Hebrews, God, nonprocreative Ancient Christians, God, nonprocreative Question 86 ________ is a nickname for masturbation that was often used in the past. sin spilling of seed onanism adamism hairy palm disease Question 87 Foreplay is the ________ contact that usually precedes coitus or oral-genital sexual activity. emotional spiritual social physical planned Question 88 ________ is the stimulation of the female genitalia by the mouth, lips, and/or tongue of the sexual partner. fellatio cunnilingis 69 analingus none of the above Question 89 ________ is oral contact with a male's penis. fellatio cunnilingis analingus none of the above Question 90 ________ is when two partners simultaneously stimulate each other's genitalia orally. fellatio cunnilingis 69 analingus none of the above

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20.1 billion brain cells

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