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XACC 280 Appendix G

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21.2 billion brain cells

XACC 280

Appendix G

Journalize Transactions Use this template to journalize and post the July transactions for Julie's Maid Cleaning Service, Inc.

Complete this worksheet for Julie's Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. Make sure to: a) Prepare a trial balance at July 31; b) Enter the five adjustments; c) Complete the remaining parts of the worksheet; and d) Verify your totals.

Post the July accounts for Julie's Maids Cleaning Service, Inc. You have 18 accounts altogether.

Prepare an Income Statement and a Retained Earnings Statement for July. Also complete the classified Balance Sheet at July 31, 2008 for Julie's Maids Cleaning Service, Inc.

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20.4 billion brain cells

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