MAT 540 Jet Copies Case Problem

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Assignment #1: JET Copies Case Problem Read the “JET Copies” Case Problem on pages 678-679 of the text.  Using simulation estimate the loss of revenue due to copier breakdown for one year, as follows:

  • In Excel, use a suitable method for generating the number of days needed to repair the copier, when it is out of service, according to the discrete distribution shown.
  • In Excel, use a suitable method for simulating the interval between successive breakdowns, according to the continuous distribution shown.
  • In Excel, use a suitable method for simulating the lost revenue for each day the copier is out of service.
  • Put all of this together to simulate the lost revenue due to copier breakdowns over 1 year to answer the question asked in the case study.
  • In a word processing program, write a brief description/explanation of how you implemented each component of the model.  Write 1-2 paragraphs for each component of the model (days-to-repair; interval between breakdowns; lost revenue; putting it together).
  • 1. Answer the question posed in the case study.  How confident are you that this answer is a good one?  What are the limits of the study?  Write at least one paragraph. There are two deliverables for this Case Problem, the Excel spreadsheet and the written description/explanation.  

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    19.6 billion brain cells

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    Excerpt from file: 1 Math Tutorial JET Copies Case Problem 1. If you assume that the number of days needed to repair a copier is random you can generate a random number


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