BCOM275 All DQs

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19.9 billion brain cells

BCOM275 All DQs

Week 1

Which step in the communication process do you consider to be the most important? Why do you think this? Which of these steps is the most uncomfortable for you? Why is this? How might you work to change this?

How has technology changed the communication process? Has technology changed the way people communicate in business? Provide examples

What are some ways in which receivers of messages provide feedback when listening to or reading a message? What effect does this have on the message? Provide examples.

What are some ways in which senders might receive feedback from their messages? How might this feedback affect the sender and the message? Why is this important?

Week 2

What are some methods you might use to determine the reliability of the data you gather?   Why is it important to analyze your data to determine if it is reliable?

What are some reasons you might consider data or information to lack validity, credibility, or reliability? Explain your answer by using examples.

Consider the following statement: Most disagreements or differences of opinion are more often a result of faulty, misunderstood, or confusing premises, rather than faulty reason from a valid premise. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your answer.

Ch. 5 & 6 of Critical Thinking cover fallacies and rhetoric. What are two examples of persuasion that are not valid arguments according to the text? Why are these invalid arguments?

Week 3

What suggestions would you offer a new employee to help them effectively communicate in your workplace when meeting face-to-face, sending an e-mail, and during a meeting?

What would be the most effective channel to communicate with your boss? Why is this? Why are other channels less effective?

You are preparing to write a formal report to be presented to the management at your workplace.   What are some potential needs for the audience that you should be aware of when writing the report?   What are the risks of not considering the needs of the audience?

What do you consider to be the most important features of an effective communication? Explain your choices?

Week 4

What keys or tips can raise suspicion about the validity of arguments, presented verbally and in writing? Cite specific examples

What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation? How do arguments and language affect the difference?

What different persuasive approaches would you use on the following audiences: a boss, a peer, a challenging person, or an open-minded person?   Why would your approach differ?

Consider the list titled In Depth: Critical Thinking, The Long Version in Ch.1 of Critical Thinking. What do you consider to be the most important points? Why do you think this?

Week 5

Consider the following: Some Pacific islander tribes expect the elderly or infirm to leave the group and go off on their own to die.   Provide your view of this practice by providing arguments that consider cultural diversity.

As a manager for a large, multinational corporation, you travel around the world to different countries giving presentations and conducting meetings. You always try to include humor as an icebreaker. What potential barriers could you face when delivering your presentation in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and India? Are you able to give the same presentation in all four locations? Why do you think this?

You are a journalist for an up-and-coming online news website. You are inadvertently given some information that you know would increase your websites popularity, but could potentially compromise national security. How might you handle the story? Explain your decision.

Is it possible for a communication to convey a message that is legal, but ethically wrong? Is it possible for a message to be ethical, but not legal? Explain your answers and provide an example.

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19.9 billion brain cells

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